One of the issues raised [not in court] against the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra London, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is that he calls the contraption called Nigeria, a “zoo”. And when you mention the word zoo to a primary one pupil and ask him/her to define it, he/she will not need to consult anybody to be able to give you the answer- as a place where animals are kept. Then it might bewilder many to wonder why Kanu chose to classify Nigeria as a zoo. A closer look or even a glance at the events taking place in the country called Nigeria will show you that even the zoo is a more organized society than Nigeria, because if the amount of lawlessness prevalent in Nigeria happens in the zoo, most species of animals will go extinct. In other word there is a level of organization and arrangement prevalent in the zoo than in Nigeria.

LAWLESSNESS. It is only in Nigeria that a court of competent jurisdiction will rule on a case and the court order will be disobeyed with impunity by the law enforcement agents and the Executive. As this is going on, the Attorney general of the federation never made a statement neither the Chief Justice of the federation. However, this trend  doesn’t seem to go down well with Justice Yusuf Halilu of a Federal Capital Territory High Court in Jabi, Abuja, who on Monday, March 14th 2016 bereted the Nigeria Army and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC by describing them as a bunch of illiterates. But what do you expect? Can a blind man lead people with sight? The president of Nigeria is an illiterate, [he doesn’t have a WAEC certificate], how can his broods not behave like illiterate. Can an educated man, who knows the rule of law disobey a court order? Or command his military and police to open fire and shoot at unarmed civilians exercising their constitutional rights to protest. Or clamp down on citizens listening to a radio broadcast? Or confiscate Daily Newspapers simply because it is carrying news about Biafra. Or go all out to enroll his country in a treaty of a military coalition against terrorism without the approval of his National Assembly in a democratic dispensation. Only an illiterate president can do all these. And you know what?..... everybody kept quiet. Nobody dared to talk…. Except one man…. Justice Yusuf Halilu of a Federal Capital Territory High Court in Jabi, Abuja who have rightly described the Army and EFCC thus, and I quote, 
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....“The respondents, I must be bold to say – the EFCC and the Army – have behaved like illiterates.” He further made it clear that “The EFCC Act is not superior to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The respondents in this matter have not behaved as if we are in a civilized society. They have behaved as if we are in a military dictatorship, where they arrest and release persons at will”. He ordered them to release the accused person, Mr Ashinze who has been in detention since December 23rd 2015 stressing that by virtue of Section 36 of the 1999 Constitution, as amended, an accused person was deemed innocent until proved guilty in a competent court of law. 

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Now, the question every right thinking mind would ask is, what would disHonorable John Tsoho do in this circumstance. At this point we would like to ask, who is John Tsoho?
To answer this question, we would like to retrospect or refresh your memory about the two court cases already won by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The three-count charge of “criminal conspiracy, intimidation and belonging to unlawful society”, presided over by magistrate, Mr Usman Shuaibu was ruled in favour of Nnamdi Kanu. Magistrate Usman Shuaibu was courageous enough to bring justice to bear not minding the Buhari dogs [DSS] who would prefer to sit at the bench and rule on the case. 

The next was the “terrorism” charge presided over by a Justice of the Federal High Court, Abuja, Justice Adeniyi Ademola. Honorable Justice Adeniyi Ademola in his ruling discharged and acquitted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and charged the DSS ‘next time to bring a real terrorist and not a radio broadcaster’. The two judges mentioned above can be described as “HONORABLE”.  
Now when Buhari and his dogs saw they could not find Nnamdi Kanu guilty, because he is innocent of all the charges levelled against him, they cooked up the “Treasonable Felony” charge, but sensing that too will crumble like a pack of cards, went on “shopping for a morally bankrupt and corrupt judge” to do the dirty job. Surprise-surprise, the merchandise of that shopping is disHonorable John Tsoho. The word Honorable does not befit him because John Tsoho is everything DISHONORABLE. He should be sanctioned by the Nigerian Bar association and retired with immediate effect. John Tsoho is a Dog on the bench. The dog is the only animal that vomits and goes back to eat its vomit, and that’s John Tsoho. He doesn’t deserve any honor.

John Tsoho on the 19th of February ruled that no masked witness will testify in the Treasonable Felony Charge against Nnamdi Kanu only to come back on the 7th of March to “eat his vomit” by overturning his own ruling without any appeal by the prosecution. What a shame.

Unlike these Honorable men, Magistrate Mr Usman Shuaibu, [Magistrate Court Abuja]; Justice Adeniyi Ademola [Federal High Court Abuja]; Justice Yusuf Halilu [Federal Capital Territory High Court Jabi, Abuja] or even Justice Ahmed Mohammed [Federal High Court Abuja], who excused self in the case, John Tsoho is anything but honorable. He has rubbished his years of service in the legal system and has singled out himself as one of the contributory factors in the decadence that is ravaging the Nigerian judiciary, and people like the Attorney General of the federation, the Chief Justice of the Federation and members of the Nigeria Bar association should rise up now to cut off this infected bad apple before it spoils the entire bunch, and sent to the school of Justice Yusuf Halilu for reformation.

Written By  Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa


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