Governor Hope Uzodinma

by Jerrywright Ukwu

Imo governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma, has been rated below average by the people of the state as he marks 100 days in office. A survey conducted by the Centre for Digital Information and Communication Management Incorporated (CDCMI), noted that the governor is quite unpopular in the state and will need more than a 100 days to endear himself to the people.

CDCMI, a consortium of public relations, communication, management and public education professionals, led by renowned professor of information & communication technology, Professor Vincent Abara, conducted the survey across 15 local governments in Imo state.

Governor Uzodinma has now spent 3 months in office after he was declared winner by the Supreme Court. Source: Twitter

The survey was hinged on the following factors - acceptability, transparency, stakeholders engagement, due process, health infrastructure, local government administration, preparedness and general overview of governance.

The survey anchored its findings on several factors, among which are posing random questions embedded in the questionnaires.

According to the survey, 62% of the respondents are youths (aged 18-35) while adults and aged people shared the remaining 38%. On the count of acceptability, 78% of the respondents admitted that the government of Uzodimma is very unpopular. In the area of transparency, 59% agreed that the governance of the state shrouded in secrecy more than before.

On stakeholders engagement, 65% who shared their view believe that the governor has failed in this area. A whopping 90% of the respondents hold the opinion that the present government in Imo state has no regard for due process.

On health infrastructure, the Uzodimma administration scored an uninspiring 30%. About 70% of the respondents are of the opinion that the administration is still without any ideas on the issue.

About 52% of the respondents said that the local government administration has been moribund in recent times. 82% of the respondents scored Uzodimma low on preparedness for governance.

The respondents are of the opinion the governor did not have a clear-cut plan for governance.

About 20% are of the opinion that the Hope Uzodimma administration does not hold any promise for Imo state, and as such, they are indifferent to his government.

The remaining 12% yielded faith in the administration, saying that Hope Uzodimma might spring up surprises and turn out better than anticipated.

Recall that Governor Uzodinma was on Sunday, March 8, attacked by youths in the Ohaji Egbema area of the state.

Upon sighting the official SUV jeep of Uzodinma, some youths in the area started throwing stones at the vehicle.

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