Lagos Monday, November 6, 2017 The Federal Government should be blamed for the return of hostilities in the Niger-Delta, following the weekend threats by Avengers that it would renew attacks on oil pipelines.

A Yoruba self-determination group on Monday said that the Federal Government should be held responsible for the renewal of hostilities in the Niger-Delta. The group said inspite of the obvious agitation for self-determination across the country, the Federal Government had responded by resorting to hardline posture and the outright militarization of the country.
In a statement issued on Monday,  the Yoruba Liberation Command, (YOLICOM) said the Nigerian authorities have indicated a lack of commitment to deal with  the hues and cries of Nigerians who want a paradigm shift in the moribund political structure of Nigeria which only serves the interest of the Fulani North.

Nigerians, Avengers and other militant groups in the Niger Delta have been waiting for two years for the government to address the problems of restructuring. The government which included this in the All Progressives Congress, (APC) manifesto is singing another song. The government has failed to obey her own rules. Instead, it has chosen to resort to violent attacks and killings of dissenting voices. The decision of the Niger Delta freedom fighters to go back to the creeks is a reflection of the failure of the government to address the fears and aspirations of the oil producing communities, who for half a century, have been exploited and raped by successive authorities.The current governement is parochial, self serving and violent in character. The regime is intolerant and takes delight  in fueling discord and instability across the country.

“There can be no solution to the situation of Nigeria. There can be no meaningful development. There can be no peace and stability unless the country is restructured to meet the burning desires of Nigerians who want a sharp and radical departure from the ugly past” the YOLICOM statement signed by the group’s senior official, Mr Sanusi Akinleye stated.

The group said instead of setting the path for dialogue, the Nigerian government had chosen the path of violence and repression.
“As we speak, armed soldiers have been deployed in the Southern parts of the country including the South-East, the South-West and the Niger-Delta area. In the South West alone, 315 people have been arrested. At least one person was killed in Epe area of Lagos. The other regions of South-South and South East have seen the deaths of no fewer than 200 people since the military operations began in 2016. This is a clear indication that the Nigerian government is not ready to address the fundamental problem facing the country,” YOLICOM stated.

The group said that it is unfortunate that the Nigerian government seems to have no respect for peaceful agitation but takes delight in instigating unnecessary  violence and blood letting.
Sanusi Akinleye
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