Barrister Austin Okeke writes

President Buhari and the Army Chief, General Buratai must be indicted, arrested and hauled before the court in strait jackets to stand trial for several charges including but not limited to crimes against humanity.

Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra "IPOB" was on bail and billed to appear before the court in due course.

Now the Buratai army chief under instructions from Buhari, recently sent armoured tanks to his home and scared him to hell.

That's a ground of justification for Kanu not to even honour the court proceedings with his appearance come the court date. Should he not appear before the court, then Buhari and Buratai must stand trial for defeating the end of justice.

In fact Buhari and Buratai must be hauled before the court for defeating the end of justice. They knowingly meddled in court proceedings and in the process also violated the principles of separation of powers.

Furthermore, initial papers have already been filed in the International Criminal Court "ICC" in Hague, Netherlands for immediate investigations to determine the extent of crimes against humanity that were committed in the recent display of barbarism by both persons in the South East of Nigeria.

Some evidential materials such as video clips of several abuses by the soldiers and evidence of deaths that occurred in the process were handed over as prima facie evidence of abuse and crimes committed.

We eagerly await the outcome of the investigations by both the prosecuting authorities in Nigeria and the ICC.
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