Following the court proceedings between federal government of Nigeria and the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), director of radio Biafra and Biafra TV Nnamdi Kanu on the 5th of April, 2016, at federal high court Abuja, it is without doubt that John Tsoho is desperate to jail Nnamdi Kanu as instructed by his master Dictator Muhammadu Hitler Buhari. It was a show of dishonor to legal practice, an expressway to the grave of the Nigerian judiciary and a murder of democracy.

From the moment Judge Tsoho entered the courtroom, it showed on him that he needs to deliver for his master wish, having so much confidence in their drafted plan which seems to be perfect. But the foolishness of God is higher than the wisdom of man.

We are letting the world know, that judge, John Tsoho has now effectively instituted secret trial because the public was barred from attending the hearing today 5 April 2015. Only a handful of journalists were permitted to cover proceedings. This is against an earlier court ruling that the trial will be held in the open. And in continuation of his reversal of his own rulings, Judge John Tsoho allowed DSS lawyer Mr. Idakwo who was the lead interrogator of the three accused persons when they were in DSS custody and previously barred from appearing for the prosecuting counsel was surprising allowed today to wear legal regalia to aid the lead prosecutor Mr. Mohamed Labaran. 

The DSS is now the arresting agency, detainer, interrogator, the investigator and now they are also running the prosecution in a court of law for the office of the Attorney General of Nigeria through the office of the Director of Public Prosecution. All thanks to the director of Nigerian affairs, Dictator, General Muhammadu Buhari. This is a high level of criminal absurdity in the dispensation of justice and it is not obtainable anywhere in the civilized world. It is a vivid sign that Nigerian judiciary is dead, and dictator Muhammadu has taken over.

Nigerians should rise up and protest against this dictator. It is Nnamdi Kanu today and tomorrow it may be you.
During the proceedings at the court, the defending council led by San. Chuks Muoma was the first to make his presentation, and the law provided that each council has a maximum time of 20 minutes to make his or her presentation. It is called ‘law of adumbration’. But Judge Tsoho cut short the right of adumbration of the defending council, which shows clearly that John Tsoho is biased

You will recall that on 29th January 2016 Justice John Tsoho denied Nnamdi Kanu bail with some baseless reasons that; 1).Nnamdi Kanu was a threat to national security. 2) That if released, Nnamdi Kanu might commit the same offense again. 3) That there was a probability that Nnamdi Kanu might jump bail because he possessed dual citizenship. He recited exactly the same thing Muhammadu Buhari said during his first presidential media chat on 30th Dec. 2015.

Feb, 19th 2016 Justice Tsoho ruled that Nnamdi Kanu will not be tried secretly and that no masquerade will testify against him. But ridiculously, on March 7th, 2016 Justice John Tsoho reversed his own ruling of 19th Feb. 2016. Today he cannot hide to the world that he is compromised and biased and that he is not qualified to preside over such a high profile case. IT IS OBVIOUS THAT NNAMDI KANU WILL NOT HAVE A FREE AND FAIR HEARING IN JOHN TSOHO'S COURT.

Why is Nigeria using Military and governmental muscles to seek Kanu's conviction. If Nnamdi Kanu is really a criminal, why is Nigerian government seeking to obtain "justice" in secret. Why can't the Nigerian government show to the whole world how much of a criminal Nnamdi Kanu is in the open? It is obvious that Nigerian government has no case against Nnamdi Kanu. He is a freedom fighter who has come to salvage his people from the shackles of the British contraption called Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu is a prisoner of conscience (POC) and he must be released.

Written By  Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Edited  By  Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa

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