When the competent court of law in Abuja, Nigeria, squashed the false treason charges against the Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, on three consecutive occasion following lack of merit, Biafrans took to the streets rejoicing. But that jubilation soon turned bloody as Nigerian army, Police, and navy organized themselves and began to shoot at jubilating groups on the street. That was uncalled for!

It is very surprising that the so called trained army and navy of a country could go such extreme to dent their image and their years of record in the military. But investigation into that atrocities soon revealed that the Islamic jihadists of the north under Buhari had their hands in killing innocent unarmed civilians who were simply celebrating the release of their leader.

Even the celebrated release did not last as Kanu was rearrested right in the same court he was ordered to be released. Everybody took that arrest as a mere joke not until Buhari made himself clear on air publicly during his presidential chat by saying that Kanu committed atrocities and will not be released. His statement and position on kanu's case marvelled the whole world especially international community that have been keenly observing the case from onset.


Human rights activists wondered how a president of a country who supposed to be law abiding citizen could so brazenly take the law into his own hand. The world watched with amazement to see what Buhari will come out with in a case that have been squashed thrice. It took him and his paid agents several weeks to shop for a new judge that could handle Kanu's case the way Buhari wants, and no longer the judicial way.

At last he got one. A man with a Christian name John attached to his surname. His first appearance in the case showed what he stand for - to do Buhari's bidding by jailing Nnamdi Kanu by all means even when the law of the land in which John Tsoho is a judge have freeded KANU on three occasions, can't you smell a rat here? Since then till date, it has been the macabre dance for John Tsoho who makes rulings today and reverses it the next day while the world watches.
After ruling to allow masked witness to testify against Kanu was greeted with severe resistance and appeals, he has retorted to postpone tactics, to delay Kanu's release. It is very appalling that a man who supposed to stand for the plight of the oppressed as an experienced judge, has allowed himself to be a willing tool in the hands of Buhari who will stop at nothing to achieve his Islamisation agenda and to silence any person who challenges him as Nnamdi Kanu did.

This case that John Tshoho is handling deceitfully has been designed to favour his Islamic jihadist master, Buhari. But if John Tsoho says otherwise then it is either he is unlearned or forged his certificate to the Bar, just like his pay master-Buhari forged his way to sit of power.  This case is a time bomb that will blow both of them apart in the recent future.


 For John Tsoho to accept monetary gift and position to do Buhari's bidding is an insult to both judiciary and law profession. It is therefore very necessary for Nigeria Bar Association and other legal arms and institutions to join hand together to remove John Tsoho from being a judge because he has taken bribe from Buhari who now dictates to him what he wants.

We Biafrans have completely lost confidence in John Tsoho. He is radically and fanatically corrupt like his master Buhari. Biafrans will oppose John Tsoho's handling of Nnamdi Kanu's case, and will make sure his license is removed from him to teach him a lesson to tow parts of uprightness other judges who handled the case before him took. He should not sit on our leader's right and freedom to claim an "incorruptible judge" he is not.

Written by Heritage Ezza 
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra writers

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