The Nigerian Government has been known for its recklessness, irresponsibility and incessant breach and abuse of judicial processes. The question this time is, does the Nigerian Government reserve the right to order around an independent body like ECOWAS? Is the tyrant in Nigeria’s supposed democracy trying to overstep his bounds in Africa?

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) was created by the Treaty of Lagos in Lagos, Nigeria, on 28 May 1975. It was created to promote economic trade, national cooperation, and monetary union, for growth and development throughout West Africa. A revised treaty intended to accelerate integration of economic policy and improve political cooperation was signed on 24th July 1993. It sets out the goals of a common economic market, a single currency, the creation of a West African parliament, economic and social councils, and a court of justice, which primarily interprets and mediates disputes over ECOWAS policies and relations, but has the power to investigate alleged human right abuses in member countries.


There are currently 15 member countries in the ECOWAS. The founding members of ECOWAS were; Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania (left 2002), Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo.

We have to examine the recklessness of the Nigerian Government in trying to make an absurd and illegal demand on the ECOWAS. It would be totally destructive for Nigeria to try to cajole the ECOWAS Into ignoring a vital part of its responsibilities of protecting the interest of the oppressed, investigating and prosecuting human right abuses, because Nigeria itself is complicit as well as a culprit in these vicious human right abuses and crimes against humanity. Nigeria cannot continue its recklessness and hence should be put to order. The Nigerian Government cannot ask the ECOWAS to look away while it continues its gross human right violations, crimes against humanity and breach of justice.

These recklessness of the Nigerian Government must be condemned and brought to an end. It must understand that we’re in a civilized era and that the evidence of its continued brutality is everywhere. The world is aware of the gruesomeness meted out on innocent civilians. Nnamdi Kanu is one of the numerous victims of these viciousness by the Nigerian Government, kidnapped and illegally incarcerated on the 14th of October, 2015 and has been denied bail despite several outcries and court orders for his release. The Government of Nigeria has continued to concoct charges whose evidences cannot be provided.


Currently, it has resorted to delay tactics via his puppet John Tsoho because Buhari vowed publicly, on a Television media chat, that he would never release Kanu, which goes to show that he is deliberately and flagrantly disregarding the rulings of the court. It is becoming more evident that Kanu will not get justice in Nigerian court, especially the one presided by John Tsoho, moreso since he [John Tsoho] has shown immense interest in the case by adamantly insisting on presiding over the matter despite the application filed by Nnamdi Kanu's defense counsel to recuse himself from the case. Therefore Nigeria should not try to prevent a superior body from serving justice since it’s practically incapable of administering justice against all its gross human right abuses. Severally, attempts have been made to eliminate Nnamdi Kanu in prison since they’re unable to prove he is guilty of all the concocted charges against him.

Therefore we implore the ECOWAS not to allow the overly corrupt Nigerian Government to cajole it into allowing prejudice damage its integrity. We implore the ECOWAS to not only scrupulously investigate these cases of gross human right abuses but to also investigate other cases of crimes against humanity and to ensure that Justice is served. Nnamdi Kanu has only exposed the massive corruption inherent in Nigeria and has also awakened the Biafrans to demand their rightful place, since Nigeria has expired in December 2014.

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He never fired a shot at anyone, his only tool was his registered Radio Biafra station, yet the Government that has failed to apprehend shekau – the Boko Haram leader, arrest the Boko Haram menace, rescue the over 200 kidnapped Chibok girls, has now abducted the Innocent Nnamdi Kanu and is intending to jail him unlawfully.

His arrest and the quest for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra sparked up waves of peaceful protest but the president of Nigeria - ordered the killing of these peaceful protesters. Men, women, children were not spared but were slaughtered with live assault rifles and he vowed through an Hausa radio station to kill more Igbos rather than allow Biafra have its freedom. How then can ECOWAS forsake the appeal by Nnamdi Kanu to address these issues and administer justice? Biafra reserves the right to freedom and self-determination and urgently needs her freedom and Kanu deserves his right to freedom. There’s intimidation in Nigeria but not justice.


Nigeria was created by the British in 1914 through the amalgamation of the various distinct Nations existing today as Nigeria and till date, it has never been progressive. Biafrans have continued to be slaughtered in the North and South, especially in Northern Nigeria. Now Biafrans are demanding their rights to freedom and self-determination. It is not a crime and so should not be seen as a crime to desire and demand self-determination, to desire to develop at a pace suitable to oneself in one’s land.

Biafrans have decided to take their destinies in their hands and have desired to be left alone. Biafra’s self-determination is non-negotiable. Why has Buhari continued to illegally incarcerate Kanu? How has the prosecutor become the judge? Why has he ignored various court orders for Nnamdi Kanu’s release? Nigeria and its Government are simply like empty tins making much noise. As a self-acclaimed giant, it’s incapable of showing good and honourable examples.

We invite ECOWAS to visit Nigeria, to conduct an open and complete investigation, and hear the mind of the people. It has always been said that the mind of the people is the mind of God.

Written By: Victoria O.C. Agangan
Edited by: KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta 
Published By: Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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