The dilapidated Abuja National stadium with an environment overgrown with bush has been invaded by herdsmen with their cattle.

The AUTHORITY can report that since the scrapping of the National Sports Commission (NSC), the stadium has remained a grave yard as the Minister of Youth and Sports, Barrister Solomon Dalung, moved the entire staff back to the Federal Secretariat in Abuja.

As a result of the closure of the offices and mass movement of staff to the Federal Secretariat, the facilities have been neglected with little or no maintenance

It was gathered also that the herdsmen who are in groups overwhelmed the stadium security officials who tried to stop them from their activities, especially at the package B of the stadium.

"It has been a routine for these herdsmen to horde their cows to this place for grazing, especially in the last one year. They invade the stadium at will and it seems nobody is ready to stop or caution them," said a security personnel attached to the stadium.

When The AUTHORITY sought the view of the stadium manager, Mr Sati Mbok, he said that the management has been making frantic efforts to stop the herdsmen, but they have rather continued to increase in their numbers.

"Honestly the issue of herdsmen is a problem here, as they have ignored our directives, rather they keep on multiplying in numbers."

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