Justice Tsoho: A Zombie or Actor?

It was a boisterous moment in Nnamdi Kanu’s trial when Nigeria’s high court Justice Adeniyi Ademola on December 17, 2015, ruled that Nnamdi Kanu should be unconditionally released on bail.  http://news.yahoo.com/nigerian-court-frees-detained-biafra-activist-195858315

Hear Justice Ademola: "I set aside the orders of November 10, 2015 and order the release of the applicant (Kanu) on bail unconditionally." Shortly after his judgement, there was wide-spread euphoria across Nigeria and beyond. But that did not last long. Sad news choked the good news. First, there was a brutal clampdown of jubilating supporter in Onitsha by the Nigerian Army. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/nigeria-army-accused-killing-nnamdi-kanu-supporters-onitsha-during-celebrations-1533984

Second, the Department of State Security unsurprisingly ignored the rulings of Justice Ademola and festered with its “illegal” detention of Kanu. I knew the ruling was too good to be true considering that Nigeria is ranked among the most corrupt nations on earth, and ruled by a hardened autocratic and former military leader

 On December 30, Buhari told views of the state media that Nnamdi Kanu had “committed a very serious offence” and that he hope “the court will listen to the case.” His threat to the judiciary provoked another judge Ahmed Mohammed, to wash his hands off the case in a Pontius Pilate-styled manner. http://pulse.ng/local/nnamdi-kanu-judge-excuses-self-from-radio-biafra-directors-case-id4491716

However, another judge Justice  Tsoho took over the handling of the case. How courageous is Tsoho to despise Buhari’s call by picking up the case?

So who is this Justice Tsoho?

Dr Wale Babalankin, was arraigned by EFCC and had been going on trial for two years. On February 23 2015, Justice Lateef Lawal-Akapo discharged Dr. Babalankin noting that, “there was no basis for the charge.” And consequently he ruled out the suit. http://thenewsnigeria.com.ng/2015/06/judge-steps-down-from-babalakin-efcc-case-2/. According to ThenewsNigeria, “Justice Akapo observed that the entire 27-count charge did not contain any single charge that constituted an offence under the laws of Nigeria” However, the EFCC was not satisfied with the ruling and went on to file a similar charge against Dr Babalankin.  After Dr Babalankin had discovered that the EFCC plans to file another set of charges again, they approached the Federal High Court seeking for protection and a judicial review of the actions. The new judge though, on 19th April, granted a restraining order against EFCC, Dr Babalankin would not celebrate for long. The Judge shortly, overturned his own rulings and granted EFCC permission to further proceed with the case.

On the following Monday the judge withdrew from the suit "following a petition from Babalankin's lawyer to the Chief Judge the federal high court seeking transfer of the case to another judge. The basis of the petition dated June 19, “was that the ex-parte order restraining EFCC from arresting Babalakin was discharged without a formal application. 

Guess who the judge is? Yes it is Justice Tsoho.

On February 19, 2016, Justice Tsoho ruled out any secret trial or masked witness as proposed by DSS on Nnamdi Kanu’s trial. However, just two weeks later, Justice Tsoho contradicted his own judgment by granting the DSS permission to mask the witness. There were allegations against Justice Tsoho that it was only a political posture of the judge and the DSS to pretentiously buy more time. It is only a heavy shame that such attributes can be associated with a public servant, let alone a so-called Judge.

So is Justice Tsoho a zombie following Buhari's orders despite contradictions in law or just an actor playing out the DSS script?

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