Nnewi. The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB has asked Justice John Tsoho, the Judge handling their leader and Radio Biafra Director Mr. Nnamdi Kanu’s case to resign, just as it has asked the National Judicial Council, NJC to force him to resign an discipline him to stop alleged ridiculing the Nigerian legal system by quoting unrelated Ivorian law, a Francophone country practicing a different legal system which does not apply in Nigeria. IPOB United Kingdom branch after its monthly meeting in a statement signed by its spokespersons Emma Mmezu and Dr Clifford Iroanya, said the Judge in justifying his alleged dramatic u-turn on his previous ruling, before he allegedly “subjected himself to the whims and caprices of the All Progressives Congress, APC, led government of President Muhammadu Buhari, and now appear to be under pressure by the government, ruled that witnesses should be hidden from the court. Accusing the judge of inconsistency in the way he is handling the proceedings, IPOB said “today the Judge will rule on one thing and tomorrow he changes his mind in the next sitting on the same thing, how can we trust such a Judge”. “In justifying his dramatic u-turn on his previous ruling, this Judge who appear to be under serious pressure from Aso Rock ruled that witnesses should be hidden from the court. 

How can we trust a judge that rules one way and changes his mind at the next sitting” they said. Also the IPOB Media and Publicity Officer Mr Emma Power while addressing newsmen after their meeting in Nnewi called on Justice Tosho to resign from the case to save his face and the face of the Judiciary in Nigeria because the world has started mocking Nigeria judges for his alleged inconsistency he has displayed in Mr Kanu’s case. “You see we respect Nigerian Judges who have shown respect to themselves, and the same thing is happening in their so call anti corruption cases where court orders are not respected, known laws are being turned upside down by judges like this one, just to impress a government or one person, this will not continue, he must resign so that others will take correction” he said. Continuing, IPOB United Kingdom called on the National Judicial Council to discipline Justice Tsoho for him to stop ridiculing the Nigerian legal system, especially, on his inconsistent ruling and quoting unrelated Ivorian law, a Francophone country practicing a different legal system to what obtains in Nigeria. “We know that Nigeria has respected and respectable Judges who does not look at the face of the President or consider the feeling of the Federal Government and the Attorney General and Minister of Justice before they give their impartial and incontrovertible rulings, and for this the Nigerian Judiciary and NJC should maintain the dignity of such judges by disciplining Justice Tosho before he becomes an embarrassment. “We want to equally tell Him and Judges like him that eminent, respected and respectable Judges does not earn respect by impressing or trying to impress government and President in power but through the incontrovertible and flawless rulings and judgements they give, those who dance to the tunes of government and President in power end up being disgraced by the same government they worked to impress right or wrong” they said.

 IPOB called for the dismissing of Justice Tosho before he becomes an international embarrassment to the legal profession in Nigerian legal profession, adding that IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu’s case has become an international legal test case for Nigerian Judges and Tosho will definitely mess Nigeria up. IPOB alleged that without appealing a court ruling the Judge changed his mind, thereby turning his previous ruling upside down without adherence to the appeal process. Ipob do not have any iota of trust in the capability of John Tsoho to handle such high profile case because of his blatant disregard for rule of law, and his judicious interpretation in this matter is becoming alarming. “This judge is acting like the prosecuting Attorney rather, than a judge. All over the world reasonable people will be wonder where such judge comes from. We have no trust in his continued participation in this matter and advice the Chief Judge of the Abuja High Court to replace him with immediate effect” they said.

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu

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