Former National Security Adviser, NSA, Col. Mohammed Sambo Dasuki (retd), has dragged the Federal Government before the ECOWAS Court in Abuja.
Sambo Dasuki is seeking the court’s order for his release. He is also demanding payment of N500 million damages for alleged infringement on his human rights. In the suit filed by his lawyer, Robert Emukpoeruo, Sambo Dasuki urged the court to declare among others, that his continued detention was in defiance of court orders for his bail, and an abuse of his fundamental human right.
He also prayed the court to hold that it was, “a most egregious violation of the treaty obligations” signed by Nigeria to have unlawfully detained him under a “de-humanizing condition” after he had been granted bail and met the conditions for his release.
The applicant further asked the court to declare that the alleged invasion of his home in Abuja and Sokoto on July 16 and 17, 2015 and the “forceful and unlawful seizure” of his properties, “without any lawful order or warrant” violates his fundamental rights and offended the country’s treaty obligations as a signatory to the listed legal instruments.
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